Dr Stavy helps patients from two clinic locations in central London.

functional medicine clinic weymouth street london

Weymouth Street London

Holistic Medical Clinic in Weymouth Street (off Harley Street) London

Holistic medicine clinic harley street

Harley Street London

Holistic Medicine Clinic in Harley Street, London

functional medicine clinic harley street london

Harley Street London

Holistic Medicine Clinic in Harley Street, London

Holistic Services Offered:

If you have a persistent medical condition and seek a partner in determining the root cause, please schedule a visit with me. I offer the following holistic healthcare services.

functional medicine london

Filling the gap between conventional and alternative health care, Functional Medicine takes a systemic, scientific and individualised approach to disease treatment and prevention

Suitable for use in all age groups, it’s a great side effect free treatment for a host of acute and chronic diseases. Homeopathy focuses on enhancing the body’s normal healing and self-regulatory processes.

homeopathy clinic london
acupuncture london

One of the oldest medical treatments it is used to treat a wide range of conditions. By inserting fine, sterile needles into the skin at energy points needles to balance the various systems in the body.

Primary Care  and General Health services are available to provide you with annual physicals & examinations, general wellness check ups, and care for acute conditions such as the common cold, allergies and the flu.

general practitioner london
holistic doctor London