Health Screening Services

Dr Stavroula Nikitopoulou

Screening can help to identify early signs of disease or other health issues, enabling early intervention and potentially improving the quality of life.

Health screening is an essential part in maintaining health and wellbeing and at Dr Stavy’s Practice, we offer a wide range of screening and screening programmes for all patients.

Our practice creates bespoke packages developed around your individual health needs. Consultations are all online so wherever you are in the world, your screening and treatment is possible. For your convenience, you will receive a home testing kit for the tests and investigations we are screening for, or alternatively you can drop in to one of our partner labs based on your location.

As part of your health screening package, you will have a 30 minute GP assessment with Dr Stavy and you will be asked to complete a questionnaire to give us an idea of your lifestyle and medical history.

Screening Tests

Some of the health screens tests that we can incorporate includes:

  • Allergy (food intolerance) and Gluten Sensitivity
  • Urinalysis & Stool Tests
  • Blood Tests (including Full Blood Screen**)
  • Vitamin D Screen
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Test (Men)
  • Cancer markers
  • Heavy metal testing
  • Fatty acid testing
  • Minerals and Vitamin Testing
  • Digestive system testing (IBS, coeliac, leaky gut syndrome)
  • Biochemical testing
  • Antioxidant testing
  • Hormonal testing (thyroid, adrenal function, female and male hormones)

 * Full blood screen includes:

  • Biochemistry
  • Blood Glucose and Lipids
  • Cholesterol
  • Haematology
  • Kidney Function
  • Liver Function
  • Thyroid Function
  • Vitamin D

The report will be available approximately two weeks after your appointment, which allows time for any blood test results to be returned from the laboratory any review by Dr Stavy. We then will book you a follow up appointment with Dr Stavy to discuss the results.

The report will detail the clinical findings and diagnostic results together with recommendations to improve your well-being that are personal to you as the individual patient. These could include:

  • Treatment plan
  • Nutritional advice
  • Exercise regime
  • Medication
  • Lifestyle changes

Book a Health Screening Consultation?

Identify early signs of disease today.


It might be challenging to determine if you are doing everything you can to maintain your health with so much information available to women about health, body care, and general welfare. Monitoring your health is crucial for spotting any hidden or undiagnosed issues, but it may also bring you peace of mind and offer you more control over your path to better health.

A complete medical exam gives you the chance to learn exactly what is happening in your body and how you may maintain or improve your level of health. Every well woman health check-up will end with a thorough report detailing all findings and any recommendations our experts deem appropriate to assist you in improving or maintaining your present health.

At Dr Stavy’s practice, we understand the complexities of women’s health and are dedicated to providing individually tailored testing, treatment and advice for women of all ages, in an open, friendly and supportive environment.


Other individual tests that we offer at Dr Stavy’s practice:

Allergy – intolerance screening

Blood screening can be used to indicate gluten sensitivity or intolerance to allergens.

 The blood tests used include:

  • Allergy Profile – can screen for up to 300 allergens
  • Tissue Transglutaminase Antibodies (tTG-IgA) – used to test for coeliac disease

Based on your results, the doctor is likely to recommend lifestyle changes.


Vitamin D Screening


Calcium and phosphate, two minerals that support the health of bones, muscles, and teeth, are controlled by vitamin D in the body. Lack of the vitamin can cause rickets, a condition where the mineralization of bone tissue is improper, and other bone abnormalities.

The body’s exposure to sunshine is the best natural source of the vitamin. However, some nations do not receive enough sunlight throughout the year for humans to create the necessary amounts of vitamin D, which can lead to deficiencies. Additional sources include

  • Oily fish, such as mackerel, salmon, sardines, herring
  • Egg yolks
  • Red meat
  • Fortified dairy and grains

The most obvious symptoms of deficiency are:

  • Bone pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Sweating of the scalp

But even if you don’t experience the aforementioned symptoms, you could still be at a higher risk of developing cancer, cardiovascular disease, or autoimmune illnesses.

If you are looking for a specific test, please contact us so we may build your very own testing package based on the tests you either need or wish to have conducted.

Please contact us by email at and let us know what tests you are interested in having performed so that we can provide you with a customised quote.


What information will I need to give in advance?

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire about your physical and mental health, this will be sent to you when you purchase the Health Screening package.


We will ask you about any medication you’re taking and for women who’ve chosen to have a cervical cancer screen, we’ll need to make sure that the appointment doesn’t coincide with your period.


How will I be contacted for the online video consultation?

Prior to your appointment with us, we will take your contact details and confirm which video application you prefer to use for your pre screening consultation. We currently use Zoom, Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp and we can also use phone calls for consultations.

What are the screening costs?

As you can imagine, tests and investigations vary in cost and and your screening tests can be personal your individual request and requirements. Please email Dr Stavy’s clinic for further information and pricing personal to you.

Can I change or cancel my appointment?

If you need to change the date of your screening appointment, rather than cancelling, please email us as some fees may apply.


If you cancel, you may incur a charge, depending on how soon you let us know and charges vary according to when you cancel:

  • More than 72 hours in advance − no cancellation charge.
  • 72 to 24 hours in advance − a cancellation charge of £75.
  • Less than 24 hours beforehand − the charge is 100% of the cost of your health assessment.


Will I get a copy of all of my tests?

After payment of your tests and investigations, we are happy to email you a copy of your results for your records.


What if I have some further questions?

please do not hesitate to email us at and we will respond to any further questions that you have.