Private GP

Dr Stavy is a registered General Practitioner who provides comprehensive private general medical care to adults and children.

Operating her own private internal medicine practice in London, Dr Stavy maintains a unique approach to patient care by utilizing the latest, most effective medical treatments, combined with old-fashioned concern and respect for the patient as an individual and their overall well-being.

This personalized approach has helped to solidify a rewarding, lasting relationship between Dr Stavy and her patients, making her unique among private GP's in London.


Private GP in London with Your Wellbeing at Heart

Dr Stavy understands the difficulty of obtaining quality medical care that many people face in an increasingly complex and impersonal health care system where you can not an appointment for ages never mind seeing the same doctor.

As your personal General Practitioner in London, Dr Stavy is genuinely interested in your well-being and will not only provide you with the best care possible but also coordinate your medical care with other excellent specialists throughout the London city.


Internal Medicine and Primary Care

Internal Medicine encompasses comprehensive medical and preventive care for a wide range of conditions affecting our adult patients. Patients are seen on a regular basis for ongoing wellness care and to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and other serious conditions. Dr Stavy is striving to develop a trusting, long-term relationship with her patients to always deliver the highest quality of care.

Preventative medicine is a key component of our all-inclusive approach to good health. We will guide you through the complex cancer screening process, educating you on age-appropriate testing to maximize early detection and diagnose the presence of any disease before it has progressed.


Private GP London

Dr Stavy provides prompt and effective care for patients so that they can return to optimal health and resume their regular activities.

Dr Stavy has a vast amount of experience in internal medicine, family medicine, and sub-specialities and believes that patients are best served by a patient-centric approach to care. Dr Stavy provides convenient and personalized care as strong physician-patient relationships are essential to helping you achieve your best health.

As your personal health advocate, Dr Stavy will take the time and effort to understand you as a “whole patient,” emotionally and physically. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of every-day life, especially in London City, clear, consistent, ongoing communication is key to maintaining a strong doctor-patient relationship.

Today, the typical primary care visit is only 11 minutes, which is simply not enough time for patients and physicians to build a strong rapport.


Internal Medicine & Integrative Health Specialist

Looking for a compassionate and experienced doctor in London? You have found it in Dr Stavy. Dr Stavy practices Integrative Medicine, treating the whole person rather than focusing on an ailment or disease. Her unique combination of traditional Western medicine and an Eastern holistic approach has led her to become the nurturing, caring, compassionate doctor she is today.


What is internal medicine?

Internal medicine is the application of clinical expertise and scientific knowledge to the diagnosis, prevention, and care of adults – from general health care needs to complex diseases. A physician specializing in internal medicine, or an internist, undergoes several years of medical school and postgraduate training to treat adults in this capacity. Their expertise is not limited to one organ or system; they are trained to handle anything you might bring to them.

Dr Stavy makes connections between your health history, lifestyle, and symptoms to accurately diagnose your condition and recommend the best course of treatment available.


What conditions does a GP diagnose and treat?

With extensive specialized training, internists are qualified to prevent, diagnose, and manage nearly all conditions affecting patients from young adulthood well into the golden years.

An example of some conditions treated by Dr. Stavy are:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Chest pain
  • Cold and flu
  • Constipation or diarrhoea
  • Diabetes
  • Fatigue
  • Heartburn
  • Insomnia
  • Palpitations
  • Respiratory problems
  • Thyroid abnormalities
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Sexual Dysfunction

Dr. Stavy believes in holistic health care, and she sees connections between symptoms and organ systems or underlying conditions that other doctors might not. She believes that your lifestyle, family history, and emotional health all play a part in your overall well-being, and she works with you to look and feel your best at every age and stage of life.


What are the benefits of a private GP?

There are many reasons to choose Dr. Stavy for your health care needs. As a General Pr actioner, she is your first line of defence against many common diseases and conditions. She identifies your risk factors early on to prevent them before organ damage occurs.

 To find out if an internal medicine physician is right for you, call Dr. Stavy  today.


What is preventive medicine?

Many conditions have varying prognoses depending on the stage at which the disease is detected. For example, many types of cancer have different “stages” and they all typically carry a worse prognosis with higher stages. This same concept holds true for diabetes and hypertension; the later they are diagnosed, the greater the risk of damage to other organs. Early detection, through the use of preventive medicine, is one key to longevity.

In considering your individualized plan for prevention, Dr Stavy takes a proactive, and holistic approach to your healthcare. Preventive medicine detects treatable conditions before they have the chance to impact your longevity or your quality of life.


What does preventive medicine involve?

Your preventive medicine plan changes with you from year to year as your health needs and goals evolve. The essential components of preventive medicine include:

Wellness exams

Your annual wellness exam is the cornerstone of your health care. During your wellness exam, Dr. Stavy reviews your entire medical history, family history, medications, allergies, habits, lifestyle and pretty much anything else that either you or she feel is important. During the visit, Dr. Stavy will perform a physical examination and order laboratory evaluations.

Screening Tests

Based on a number of factors including family history, age, and other risk factors, further specialized screening may be recommended include, for example, dermatologic evaluation, gynecologic evaluation, colonoscopy, endoscopy or calcium score of the heart.


Why is preventive medicine important?

Preventive medicine is important because it’s often the best defence you have against chronic disease. Think of your health as an investment in your future. Take care of yourself now to give yourself the best tomorrow possible.


To schedule your comprehensive preventive wellness exam with Dr Stavy, call today.


What is holistic medicine?

Holistic medicine is an approach to health care that considers the whole person, not just their physical body, to pursue optimal health and wellness. As a holistic practitioner, Dr Stavy understands that imbalances in your body, mind, and spirit all impact each other and affect your general well-being.

For Dr Stavy, treating your condition is not just about alleviating your symptoms, but is instead more about resolving the underlying condition for real and lasting relief. Along with traditional Western medicine treatments, Dr Stavy may recommend lifestyle changes and natural healing techniques to improve your quality of life.


Call to book your wellness check-up with Dr. Stavy today.