Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine

In contrast with that of the conventional medicine approach, which strives to diagnose disease and identify drug treatment, Functional Medicine takes an individualised approach to the treatment of disease by focusing on the identification and treatment of the sources of a person’s dis-ease.


Functional Medicine’s focus on the patient, seeks to treat individuals experiencing disease as having symptoms, loss or dysfunction and imbalances. Treatment uses a diverse toolkit covering nutritional, exercise, lifestyle counselling, stress reduction techniques, alongside supplementation and conventional medication (if required).


While conventional medical treatment is generally very affective in the treatment of acute disease, infection and trauma, it struggles with effective treatment of chronic disease. Chronic conditions (e.g. Auto-immune disorders, Chronic Fatigue, Gastrointestinal issues and chronic musculoskeletal and neurological conditions) which rob their sufferers of quality of life are finding greater treatment success through Functional Medicine’s comprehensive, systemic approach.


Chronic health conditions respond to the Functional Medicine approach which focuses on identifying and adding what is missing in the body and removing anything that prevents the body from achieving vital health.


7 Principles of Functional Medicine

  1. The body is intelligent & self-regulating

    Functional Medicine believes in the power of the body to create perfect health. Given the right conditions and support it has the ability to heal and prevent most diseases of aging.

  2. We are all individuals with individual needs

    Both genetically and biochemically unique. Rather than treating symptoms Functional Medicine strives to support the individual’s body to trigger the natural healing mechanisms rather than just applying medication.

  3. Patient centred, not disease focused

    Functional Medicine Drs work with patients in a treatment team. It is understood that the patient’s involvement in treatment is key to success.  The patient is the centre of treatment, but also the centre of recovery. Instead of being passive recipients of treatment patients are encouraged to be completely involved in their treatment with their Dr in a supportive and individually focused environment. The team can also involve other practitioners – nutritionists, physical therapist.

7 Principles of Functional Medicine

  1. Guided by the latest science

    By using the latest scientific research Functional Medicine practitioners can see the complicated web of interactions of the individual’s biology and environmental factors. Understanding these relationships enables the current functioning of the body to be understood and the best treatment path identified.

  2. Conventional, Eastern, integrative & alternative medicine combined

    This extended toolkit provides patients with the tools and support for true sustainable health and lasting vitality.

  3. Health not just a lack of disease

    Functional Medicine aims to return the body to a state of vitality and provides the patient with the tools to maintain it.

  4. Not just about matching a disease label to a drug

    The root of the problem is identified by asking “Why has function been lost, what is the root cause of dis-ease”. This question leads us to the best tools to be used to restore this lost function.


By following the principles of Functional Medicine Dr Stavy treats patients in a methodical and supportive way.


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