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Homeopathy can help us to improve the symptoms associated with asthma. A good homeopathic treatment for asthma must include a base treatment that is tailored to each individual. The base treatment will help to diminish the severity of the symptoms and, further on, the frequency of asthma attacks. Over time, a good base treatment for asthma will eventually stop the attacks altogether. Medicines for Acute symptoms should be given alongside the base treatment. Homeopathy has different remedies that can be used to treat specific asthma attacks, depending on each situation. Our choice of remedy will vary depending on the time of day when the attack appears and the triggers that have provoked it.  

Homeopathic remedies for asthma

At what time of day did the attack occur? What were the circumstances surrounding the asthma attack? Aralia racemosa: at bedtime. Arsenicum album: between 1 and 3am. Blatta orientalis: due to a dust allergy. Dulcamara: due to dampth. Gelsemium sempervirens: due to fear. Ignatia amara: due to strong emotions. Kalium carbonicum: between 3 and 5am. Lachesis mutus: upon waking, before menstruating or due to jealousy. Lycopodium: between 5 and 8pm. Natrum muriaticum: at 10am. Nux vomica: at 3am and due to excessive food consumption. Pollen: due to pollen allergy. Sumbucus: at midnight. Staphisagria: due to a traumatic experience. Sulfur: at 11am.

Dosage examples

We will take 5 granules of our chosen medicine every morning, in a dilution of 9C, as a remedial treatment in the acute phase. If it is a preventive treatment, we will take 5 granules 3 times a week in a dilution of 15C. The following is an example of an asthma treatment that can be taken for 3 months whilst you are waiting for your doctor’s appointment:

Obligatory remedies

1 granule vial of the base treatment: 5 granules per week or month (ask your homeopathic doctor in London for advice). 12 granule vials of poumon histaminum 15C: 5 granules to be taken morning and night. 15 granule vials of each of the following remedies: Ipeca 9C + antimonium tartaricum 9C + Blatta 9C (5 granules of each remedy, 3 times a day – this combination is referred to as “homeopathic Ventolin”.)

Optional remedies

6 granule vials of the previously chosen remedy, depending on the specific symptoms. Always seek advice from your doctor, therapist, pharmacist or health professional.