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Hay fever or allergic rhinitis can be treated with homeopathy. Positive results can be achieved with the appropriate homeopathic remedy; symptoms can be lessened and we can avoid or reduce the need for steroids. Hay fever or allergic rhinitis is the body’s over-reaction to pollen. Hay fever can be seasonal when it coincides with pollination. Some patients suffer from allergic rhinitis all year round.

Homeopathic remedies for hay fever or allergic rhinitis

When it comes to choosing a remedy, we need to figure out which of the following symptoms are predominant: sneezing, secretion, painful eyes, itchy eyes, palate, nose or ears

When rhinitis is the predominant symptom

Allium cepa 9C Allium cepa is the classic remedy for the treatment of hay fever. The patient has an abundant irritating discharge and feels better with fresh air. Arsenicum album 9C The patient who is affected by Arsenicum album has a burning but sparse watery discharge. The symptoms improve in hot weather. Kalium iodatum 9C Kaluim iodatum is prescribed when the discharge is watery, abundant and irritating. The nose is swollen and the eyes stream. A pain gradually appears in the frontal sinuses and the nose feels blocked. Pulsatilla 9C Pulsatilla is prescribed when the discharge is fluid and non-irritating.

If there is conjunctivitis as well

Euphrasia 9C Euphrasia can be added when conjunctivitis develops alongside rhinitis. The patient’s eyes are red and the tears are irritating. Euphrasia can also be used in eye-drops.

If there is additional sneezing

Nux vomica 9C Nux vomica is a good supplementary remedy when the patient has a blocked nose at night-time and sneezes upon waking. Sabadilla 9C Sabadilla is a good supplementary remedy when, as well as rhinitis, the patient has an itch in the palate and throat that provokes a cough. The patient feels a need to rub their tongue along their palate to relieve the itching. The homeopathic remedy is chosen depending on the symptoms. 5 granules should be taken every 2 hours. If we are using two separate remedies we will alternate them every 2 hours – 5 granules of one remedy followed by 5 granules of the second remedy and so on. The doses will be spaced out as the symptoms diminish.

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